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Eye Impact Houston

Finding an eye doctor in Houston is one of those back burner things that can nag at you until you’re out of contacts or you step on your glasses headed to a late night bathroom break. The last thing you want to do is spend your hard earned money playing adult when those dollars could go to your favorite bar at the end of the week anyway. On Chasing Houston, we want to share things that are important, that matter and taking care of yourself is one of those things.

This is Why We Had a Look at Eye Impact Houston.

Located conveniently near bars and well known restaurants like El Tiempo on Washington, this boutique styled store is in a prime location to knock out an appointment and be back out the door to a Happy Hour or home. We sat down with Gary, the owner and now our personal eye doctor, to learn a little bit more about his business. Capitalizing on the area for both his personal and workstyle, Gary built his beautiful home and business on the same land and as you wait in the lobby for your appointment, you may be greeted with one or two pups who love attention.



Gary uses the most modern of technologies in his business to check your eyes. A well composed man, he strikes up casual conversation as he walks you through the steps of the eye exam. Before you know it, he’s leading you back to the front of the office to bid you adieu. The way he makes the whole process short and sweet is an absolute perk to this place. You never have to wait more than ten minutes to be taken back once your arrive and he doesn’t deviate far from accomplishing what you came there to do.

One of the things we liked most about Eye Impact Houston was the attention to detail and the honesty in the staff to help you find a pair of eye glasses that don’t make you look like someone you’re not. While they showcase the higher end fashion lines, there are also some reasonably priced glasses and as with all things in life, you get what you pay for. The staff was quite educated and passionate about the lines of glasses they do allow onto their shelves, among them, Tom Ford and they were able to give me back stories when I would ask why a certain line that I had grown accustomed to seeing in Google Ads across the internet. The staff treats you with respect, they remember your name and they are never too busy or annoyed with a rough work day to smile and ask how your day is. Be sure to check these guys out if you’re hunting for an eye doctor or don’t get this kind of attention from the one you already have.