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Red Dessert Dive in the Heights of Houston

When Red Dessert Dive opened on Studewood in the Heights near Ruggles Green and Liberty Kitchen, people began to wonder what this little corner shop was. Right out of the gate, Houstonia, Houston Press, Eater Houston and even Culture Map had turned their heads to chronicle this spot. We decided to see for ourselves. For us, we noted 4 super sonic things:

  1. Debuskers, the Trademarked Experiment
    A mouthwatering mix between soft brownie and chewy M&M chocolate chip cookie, Jessica Lusk, the owner over at Red decided to test out this hybrid on her family. When she asked her young cousin what he thought the name should be, “Debusker” came rolling off his tongue and so the name took hold. Shortly thereafter, the name had been trademarked and the deliciousness became a staple at Red Dessert
  2. Beer Bread
    A noteworthy item on the menu is Red’s Beer Bread. When asked more about it, she stated with loyalty that all of her ingredients support local business and the beer in this bread would prove true. On most occasions, Karbach’s Weiss Wersa is the beer of choice that gets blended deliciously into the bread batter, lending itself well to the hometown feel of a baked snack around the
  3. How did you come up with the name, Red Dessert Dive?
    With glitter in her eyes, Jessica told us the history in the name of her dive. Her grandmother’s nickname was Red, for her fiery red hair and personality and her grandparents were natives to the Houston Heights area. Anytime Jess’s grandmother would get fired up about something, Grandpa would comically say “It’s raining Red!” Jess decided she wanted to carry that history into her new bakery nestled right at home. She also wanted to merge the taste of baked goods with the refresh of a good adult beverage, choosing to offer wine and beer alongside her
  4. The Bread Pudding
    We asked Jessica what she thought was a surprise to the business and she talked about how the bread pudding has become a local favorite. Expecting other items to take main stage, she quickly learned that the taste of her bread pudding paired with a light wine has become something she won’t leave behind.bread-pudding-red

Albeit there is Wi-Fi here, unless you have headphones, it is not the most conducive place to come in and get a lot of work done. The chairs scrape a little abrasively across the floor that can cause a disruption in your workflow but as long as you have a way to block out the sound, you should be great.