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Sage County in Midtown Houston

Sage County blew into Midtown some months ago with a vibe far different than the rest of the area. Replacing the old “Wonder Bar” and its glowstick lit environment with a hometown country feel inside, we were surprised to see just what this bar now had to offer. No, they don’t play just country music. Nestled between the Cook & Collins Restaurant and Midtown Drinkery just around the corner from Dogwood, the bar houses more TVs than you can focus on at one time. The area, though long and narrow, has a full bar that stretches all the way down the right side with a second bar tucked even further back.

Because the bar gets shoulder to shoulder packed on Friday and Saturday nights, we stopped in on a recent Wednesday to see what this Red Solo Cup Wednesday was all about and to get some clear shots of the space to share with you. Learning that Sage County has different things going on almost every day of the week, (Chicken Shit Bingo, wtf!) we opted for the one focused mostly around the booze. Get this. On every Wednesday, you can purchase a Red Solo Cup, that’s actually a sturdy hard plastic, for $4. Then every drink you can fit into that cup after that, including most premiums, is only $4 each. Let’s start with a GreyGoose and water then please! Jack and Diet, ok! Save the cup and bring it back on any Wednesday to go again for $4 a drink, without having to re-buy the cup. A primo spot for trying different liquors on a budget or to simply get loaded on a Wednesday.


As if tons of TVs and awesome drinks weren’t enough, we found our way to the arcade games (basketball mainly) in the back of the bar. On a recent ‘onesie’ pub crawl, we had 5 teams of two playing against each other back there in an endless game. Let me tell you something about a onesie pub crawl. It’s a great way to learn how not to take yourself so seriously. All these hard-working, good samaritan Houstonians parading around in onesies when we took the lead and cheering like high school cheerleaders when we were down was a site to behold and a great way to barter drinks.

From our perspective, the bar has a slightly Austin feel to it, you know that area down near Lavaca Street or even some spots on Dirty Sixth. This Midtown bar is becoming a local favorite here in Houston to post up on a weekend night. What with a big patio outside (and yes, another TV) this place does have a dynamic that not many bars around Midtown have; arcade games, awesome drinks, tons of TVs, a patio and a full service bar with solid pours.

The Bathrooms
The bathrooms however hide far back in the building. If you get there late on a weekend night, be sure you’ve taken a bathroom break before you show up else you might get frustrated ducking and dodging your way to the back of the bar only to wait in another congested area. The flow of walking traffic gets sticky around the bar because naturally, everyone is waiting for drinks. If you don’t mind mingling while you wait though, you’ll be golden. Plenty of people to talk to.

County Cocktails
Sage County has also started a new line of mixed drinks called “County Cocktails” that use only Texas liquors. A cool concept and we dug their vibe to “drink local” although they still (thankfully) offer the gamut of liquor at their bar. It’s just incredible the options this place gives you on what to drink and what to do. We have taken to the bar in two different ways. It’s become a place we start our night out at, hence #ragecounty and it’s become a place we end the night at also, mainly because someone in the group usually wants to get back to that ongoing score from the basketball arcade.

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